03 juillet 2023

Focus Session «Casimir Effect and Radiative Heat Transfer»

This focus workshop is now at its 8th edition. It concerns the field of quantum electrodynamics and light-matter interaction, in particular the topics: open quantum systems, Casimir-Lifshitz forces in and out of thermal equilibrium including forces in soft matter, radiative heat transfer, and quantum thermodynamics.

It will focus on the cut-edge theoretical and experimental findings in the field, with the aim of boosting these emerging research fields toward a deeper fundamental and applicative development. It will tackle, among others, new emerging themes related to quantum thermalization mechanisms, quantum thermal machines, entanglement, metamaterials, light harvesting complexes, thermophotovoltaic cells, and active or soft matter.

If you want to submit an abstract for a possible presentation, fill the on-line form:


and do not forget to specify that you are submitting for the Focus Session “Casimir Effect and Radiative Heat Transfer”.

03 juil. 202306 juil. 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

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Ecole Thématique TREE-SCHOOL

Avec le soutien CNRS Ingénierie, CNRS Physique et CNRS Chimie, l'équipe-projet TREE organise une école thématique visant à former des chercheurs (permanents ou non) et des ingénieurs aux sciences concernées par les problématiques posées par la conversion du rayonnement thermique en électricité.