Workshop 2022

November 14 (2 PM) – November 16 (~12 noon)

Group picture (39 out of the 47 participants)


The main objectives were to initiate:

– discussions with scientists whose expertise is likely to meet the scientific challenges addressed by the project-team,

– new actions and collaborations, in France and with colleagues from foreign institutions.


November 14th

13h30 [30 min]Reception at ESIEE
14h00 [20 min]: Rodolphe VaillonIES, Univ Montpellier – CNRS, FranceIntroduction to the workshop
Session 1Thermophotovoltaics and thermal energy storage
14h20 [60 min]: Alejandro DatasIES, UPM, SpainThermophotovoltaic batteries
15h20 [30 min]: Thomas FasquelleIUSTI, Aix-Marseille Université – CNRS, FranceCan proposed energy storage technologies be deployed on a large scale? A comparison of three promising candidates
15h50 [40 min]Coffee break
16h30 [60 min]: Xavier PyLTEN, Univ Nantes – CNRS, FranceHigh-temperature thermal energy storages (sensible or latent heat): from related materials to industrial applications
17h30 [20 min]: Alexis VossierPROMES, CNRS, FranceOn the dispatchability of solar electricity with thermal and electrochemical storage

November 15th

Session 2Photovoltaic conversion: fundamentals and advanced concepts
9h00 [60 min]: Jean-François GuillemolesIPVF, CNRS – Ecole Polytechnique – ENSCP, FranceWhat is the temperature of a solar cell and why it is important
10h00 [40 min]: Maxime GiteauICFO, SpainOpportunities for high-performance thermophotovoltaics – a fundamental analysis
10h40 [40 min]Coffee break
11h20 [40 min]: Basile RouxIES, Univ Montpellier – CNRS, FranceInAs/InAsSb superlattice thermophotovoltaic cells
12h00 [40 min]: Julien LegendreCETHIL, INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL, FranceNear-field thermophotonics: extending near-field thermophotovoltaics with LEDs as emitters
12h40 [1h20]Lunch break
Session 3 (1)Materials and their properties
14h00 [40 min]: Mounir ZahirInstitut Pprime, CNRS – Univ Poitiers, FranceImproved thermophotovoltaic performance with a novel metamaterial thermal emitter and the radiative cooling approach
14h40 [40 min]: Tarik BourouinaESYCOM, Univ Gustave Eiffel – CNRS, FranceUltra-broadband black-silicon: radiative properties and applications
Session 4Posters
15h20 [1h20]Contributed posters* on all topics
16h00Coffee served
Session 3 (2)Materials and their properties
16h40 [40 min]: Simon HurandInstitut Pprime, CNRS – Univ Poitiers, FranceMeasuring temperature dependent optical indexes by spectroscopic ellipsometry
17h20 [20 min]: Léa PenazziLEMTA, Univ Lorraine – CNRS, FranceThermal and optical characterization of materials at high temperature
17h40 [40 min]Visit of ESYCOM’s cleanroom installationsLimited to a small group (more details soon)

November 16th

Session 5Light harvesting and trapping
9h00 [60 min]: Andrea CattoniC2N, CNRS – Univ Paris-Saclay, FranceLight trapping in ultra-thin solar cells: progress and prospects
10h00 [40 min]: Mathieu ThomasCETHIL, INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL, FranceHarvesting near-field thermal radiation
10h40 [30 min]Coffee break
11h10 [40 min]: Kevin AustryL2C, Univ Montpellier – CNRS, FranceEffect of top metallic contacts on radiation transfer and conversion efficiency for near-field thermophotovoltaics
11h50 [40 min max]Conclusions, closing discussions: new coordinated actions

* Contributed posters

  • Kartika Nimje et al., ICFO, Spain, Leveraging hot-carriers for high performance thermophotovoltaics – an analytical approach
  • João Carlos De Aquino Carvalho et al. (presented by Daniel Bloch), LPL & CEMHTI, France, Near-field Thermal emission of sapphire at high-T: precisely locating the T dependent polariton resonances in view of energy conversion
  • Thomas Châtelet et al., CETHIL, France, Photonic heat pumps instead of heat engines: the near-field thermophotonic refrigerator
  • Olivier Farges et al., LEMTA, France, Research and expertise activities of the LEMTA «Heat Management» team
  • Aloyse Degiron, LMPQ, France, The crucial role played by hot carriers in colloidal quantum dot optoelectronics
  • Olivier Rozenbaum et al., CEMHTI, France, Determination of the optical properties of materials up to very high temperatures by measuring the spectral emittance
Guess who visited ESIEE’s cleanroom facilities?

Book of abstracts


  • C2N: Andrea Cattoni (CNRS scientist)
  • CEMHTI: Thimothée Guerra (PhD candidate), Cédric Blanchard (Ass. Prof.), Olivier Rozenbaum (Ass. Prof.)
  • CETHIL: Julien Legendre (PhD candidate), Mathieu Thomas (PhD candidate), Wissal Sghaier (PhD candidate), Thomas Chatelet (PhD candidate), Olivier Merchiers (Ass. Prof.), Olivier Chapuis (CNRS scientist)
  • ECO-TECH CERAM: Thibaut Esence (head of R&D)
  • ESYCOM: Elissa Akiki (PhD candidate), Maha Ben Rhouma (Ass. Prof.), Armande Hervé (Ass. Prof.), Georges Hamaoui (Ass. Prof.), Elyes Nefzaoui (Ass. Prof.), Philippe Basset (Prof.), Tarik Bourouina (Prof.)
  • ICFO (Barcelona): Maxime Giteau (Postdoc), Karkita Nimje (PhD candidate)
  • IES (Montpellier): Basile Roux (PhD candidate), Naphatsorn Vongsoasup (lecturer, visiting researcher), Rodolphe Vaillon (CNRS scientist)
  • IES (Madrid): Alejandro Datas (Ass. Prof.)
  • Institut Pprime: Mounir Zahir (PhD candidate), Jérémie Drevillon (Ass. Prof.), Younes Ezzahri (Ass. Prof.), Simon Hurand (Ass. Prof.)
  • IPVF: Jean-François Guillemoles (CNRS scientist)
  • IUSTI: Thomas Fasquelle (Ass. Prof.)
  • L2C: Kevin Austry (PhD candidate), Youssef Jeyar (PhD candidate), Minggang Luo (Postdoc)
  • LEMTA: Olivier Farges (Ass. Prof.), Léa Penazzi (Postdoc)
  • LIED: Christophe Goupil (Prof.)
  • LMPQ: Aloyse Degiron (CNRS scientist)
  • LPL: Daniel Bloch (CNRS scientist)
  • LTEN: Xavier Py (Prof.)
  • GDR TAMARYS: Ernesto Mura (business engineer)
  • Ph Girard consulting: Philippe Girard
  • PROMES: Alexis Vossier (CNRS scientist)
  • RAPSODEE: Yasmine Lalau (Ass. Prof.)
  • Saint-Gobain: Quentin Flamant (research engineer)
  • Schlumberger: Fabrice Mège (experimental physicist), Rémi Robutel (project leader)