Workshop TREE 2023

October 9 (2 PM) – October 11 (~12 noon)

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LTeN (Nantes Université – CNRS – POLYTECH Nantes)

The main objectives were to favor:

– discussions with scientists whose expertise is likely to meet the scientific challenges addressed by the project-team,

– new actions and collaborations, in France and with colleagues from foreign institutions.


October 9th

13h15 [45 min]Reception at IHT
14h00 [30 min]: Steven Le Corre, Xavier Py and Rodolphe VaillonIntroduction to the workshopWelcome address and program
Session 1Thermal energy storage
14h30 [60 min]: Yasmine LalauRAPSODEE, IMT Mines d’Albi, FranceLife Cycle Assessment (LCA): methodology and application to solar energy & thermal energy storage
15h30 [45 min]Coffee break
16h15 [60 min]: Nicolas Tessier-DoyenIRCER, FranceChracterization of refractory ceramics: thermomecanical properties related to microstructure
17h15 [20 min]: Xavier PyLTEN, FranceST4TPV, a CNRS national research project devoted to high temperature thermal storage for TPV
Session 2Thermal radiation emitters
17h35 [30 min]: Maha Ben RhoumaESYCOM, FranceFourier modal methods as applied to periodic micro/ nanostructures for thermophotovoltaics applications

October 10th

Session 3Photovoltaic conversion (1)
9h00 [60 min]: Amaury DelamarreC2N, FranceLow-cost III-V solar cells
10h00 [30 min]: Maxime GiteauICFO, SpainFundamental power-efficiency trade-off for thermophotovoltaic and thermoradiative cells
10h30 [45 min]Coffee break + posters
11h15 [60 min]: Ignacio Rey-StolleIES, UPM, SpainGermanium TPV cells: interest, efficiency potential and key technical challenges
12h15Lunch break
Session 4Characterization
14h00 [60 min]: Esther LopezIES, SpainChallenges in the characterization of thermophotovoltaic devices
Session 5Near-field effects
15h00 [30 min]: Julien LegendreCETHIL, FranceThermophotonic energy harvesters: thermodynamic analysis and near-field performances of 1D architectures
15h30 [30 min]Coffee break + posters
16h00 [30 min]: Minggang LuoL2C, FranceEffect of the graphene grating coating on near-field radiative heat transfer
16h30 [30 min]: Thomas ChâteletCETHIL, FranceElectroluminescence overcoming thermal radiation in near field: conditions for a nanothermophotonic refrigerator
17h00 [60 min]Visit of LTEN installations

October 11th

Session 6Photovoltaic conversion (2)
9h00 [30 min]: Rodolphe VaillonIES, FranceThermophotovoltaic conversion with a silicon vertical multijunction cell
9h30 [30 min]: Thomas VilleminLEMTA, FranceMultiphysics and multiscale modeling of a photovoltaic panel using Monte Carlo methods
10h00 [30 min]Coffee break
10h30 [30 min]: Basile RouxIES, FranceInAs/InAsSb superlattice thermophotovoltaic cell: how to adapt an infrared photodetector for TPV conversion
Session 7Work in progress
11h00 [15 min]: Wissal SghaierCETHIL, FranceDesign of a near-field thermophotonic device in the planar configuration for energy harvesting and refrigeration
11h15 [15 min]: Mathieu ThomasCETHIL, FranceNear-field radiative heat transfer between a sphere and a flat surface in the sub-200 nm regime and prospects for energy harvesting
11h30 [30 min]Concluding remarks and discussion
End of the workshop at 12h00

Book of abstracts (updated version)

Participants (registered)

40 on 10/08/2023

  • CEMHTI: Olivier Rozenbaum (Ass. Prof.), Bara Samb (PhD candidate), Emmanuel Véron (CNRS engineer)
  • CETHIL: Thomas Châtelet (PhD candidate), Julien Legendre (PhD candidate), Mathieu Thomas (PhD candidate), Wissal Sghaier (PhD candidate), Olivier Merchiers (Ass. Prof.), Olivier Chapuis (CNRS scientist)
  • ESYCOM: Maha Ben Rhouma (Ass. Prof.), Elyes Nefzaoui (Ass. Prof.)
  • ICFO (Barcelona): Maxime Giteau (Postdoc), Karkita Nimje (PhD candidate)
  • IES (Madrid): Alejandro Datas (Ass. Prof.), Esther Lopez (Invited, Ass. Prof.), Pablo Martin (PhD candidate), Inigo Ramiro (Postdoctoral researcher), Ignacio Rey-Stolle (Invited, Prof.)
  • IES (Montpellier): Jean-Philippe Perez (Ass. Prof.), Basile Roux (PhD candidate), Rodolphe Vaillon (CNRS scientist)
  • IRCER: Nicolas Tessier-Doyen (Invited, Ass. Prof.)
  • Institut Pprime: Jérémie Drevillon (Ass. Prof.), Nacira Hanouf (PhD candidate), Simon Hurand (Ass. Prof.)
  • ITheMM: Nicolas Horny (Ass. Prof.)
  • IUSTI: Thomas Fasquelle (Ass. Prof.)
  • L2C: Miggang Luo (Postdoc)
  • LAAS: Inès Revol (CNRS scientist)
  • LEMTA: Olivier Farges (Ass. Prof.), Thomas Villemin (Postdoc)
  • LHEEA: Ernesto Mura (Ass. Prof.)
  • LTEN: Bertrand Garnier (CNRS scientist), Elissa El Rassy (Ass. Prof.), Steven Le Corre (Prof.), Xavier Py (Prof.)
  • GDR TAMARYS: Benoît Rousseau (CNRS scientist)
  • PROMES: Alexis Vossier (CNRS scientist)
  • RAPSODEE: Yasmine Lalau (Invited, Ass. Prof.), Mouna El Hafi (Prof.)


Local organization by Xavier Py, LTeN (UMR 6607)

Scientific organization by members of the project-team TREE

Mauro Antezza (L2C), Olivier Chapuis (CETHIL), Jérémie Drévillon (Institut Pprime), Mouna El Hafi (RAPSODEE), Olivier Farges (LEMTA), Thomas Fasquelle (IUSTI), Elyes Nefzaoui (ESYCOM), Xavier Py (LTeN), Inès Revol (LAAS), Oliver Rozenbaum (CEMHTI), Rodolphe Vaillon (IES), Alexis Vossier (PROMES)

Coordination: Rodolphe Vaillon (IES)